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  Nantong zhong chuan machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was established1990Years,2001Years of relocation of nantong economic and technological development zone。Is China shipbuilding industry consortium member unit,A member of the Chinese shipbuilding industry,For the domestic Marine deck and the main cabin machinery series products manufacturers。In recent years,Leaders at all levels and the joint efforts of company employees,Has been rated as national high and new technology enterprise、Private technology enterprises in jiangsu province、Jiangsu province standardization good behavior4AEnterprise、Nantong science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises、Nantong industry pays taxes50Strong enterprises,Nantong development zone industrial investment、In terms of comprehensive strength、Tax top ten private enterprises,JiangsuAAAEnterprise credit rating level、AAALevel enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise、The home of model workers in jiangsu province、Nantong non-public enterprise party construction demonstration site、Advanced basic-level party organization、Safety in production advanced group, etc,Product has won“Nantong science and technology progress second prize”、“Nantong famous brand product”、“Nantong famous trademark”And so on。

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Certificate of honor

The enterprise culture
ChangRong ChangMao
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For a long time,With high quality products,Good service,Won the customers trust and praise,Quality and reputation is the Chinese mechanical eternal pursuit

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The Chinese mechanical yandang mountain for three days
A year in the spring,For the rich cultural life of the worker,Build up a harmonious team atmosphere,Against the early morning sun,With the warm spring breeze,The Chinese mechanical trade unions on the staff“Yandang mountain for three days”The journey,  Through this activity,Strengthen the communication between the employees,Enrich the employees' spiritual and cultural life,Inspire the staff's work enthusiasm,To enhance the enterprise cohesion and centripetal force。
2019-05-31 15:10
The shipbuilding process:The innovation of propulsion machinery The use of navigational compass
Since ancient times, China's shipbuilding technology has been in the lead,Especially the slot、Rudder and board which three inventions make western shipbuilding and maritime industry with a long time。Two song period of the shipbuilding and maritime technology continues to move forward。Its major first four:One is to improve the control machine,This is the rudder。Rudder earliest monastery,To the song dynasty,In order to make the rudder can and in depth of water,In the elevator,Can through the pulley system to adjust the height of the rudder。In order to reduce the rudder steering resistance of underwater,And design the rudder shaft can be moved back and forth,Form a balanced rudder。Northern song dynasty later《Qingming festival on the painting》Has been painted Fried river ships
2018-11-28 11:14
Jiangsu next year5One hundred million yuan1All women their own businesses
Reporter from28-30At the provincial women's federation of the know on the board,Women working in our province will be around next year the employment issue at present、Entrepreneurial hot spots such as the difficulty。Our province plans for next year15Urban and rural women employment training,Help1All women realize their own businesses,New impetus10All women earned income to get rich。  It is reported,Women's organizations in our province will vigorously carry out next year“Hundreds of millions of women”Activities,Plan to complete the training women all the year round15Ten thousand people。And passed2000Female entrepreneurs tutors,To complete1Thousands of female college students training task,The new500A female college student entrepreneurship practice base。Women's organizations
2018-09-03 17:31
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