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Optimal WeiJie(Shenzhen)Sanitation equipment co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production、Sales、Rent environmental mobile toilets(Also called:Mobile toilet)The enterprise,We now have the product style is varied,Is one of the most dominant environmental move toilet manufacturer。At present in guangdong shenzhen、Hubei wuhan offices in all。Product sales has covered all parts of the country。The company adhering to the:“Respect for customers,Understanding the customer,Continue to provide exceed customer expectations of products”The service idea,Strive to make customers forever partners!

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Optimal WeiJie(Shenzhen)Sanitation equipment co., LTD
Contacts:Mr Yang
Q  Q:916769865
Hand Machine:136-9985-4848
The electricity Words:136-9985-4848
The ground The address:Shenzhen light district central street7Building1Floor

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